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Discussion on: Working in Japan 2: Freelancing, Job Hopping, More Salary, Visa Types, Learning Japanese

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Rob Sherling Author

I'd like to hear more about your experience - I totally get that every situation is different, and I appreciate you sharing yours!

Out of curiousity, what bootcamp did you go to? And would you recommend it? I'm always looking for good recommendations to give people when they ask!

I started making 1,000,000/mo after about 5 years of programming experience. Right out of the gate I made significantly less (my salary progression is listed in my other major Dev article). I agree that starting out, it won't be nearly that high. I think that if you have solid Japanese skills and a robust portfolio, you're looking at 400,000/mo as a freelancer. That being said, freelancers are hired almost exclusively when they have experience, so working as a regular employee might be easier to land while builing experience.