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re: Is talking about money OK at first interview ? VIEW POST


I hear this a lot, especially from France, that for some reason talking about money in an interview is not a very bright idea or so.

Everyone knows that we ALL work for MONEY!!! Or else why would you "slave" yourself 40-60 hours a week for people or/and a company you don't really care about??

I know someone who went through a series of interviews with a company, and in the last interview when they spoke about the money, it was ridiculously LOWER than expected! That someone have wasted time, energy and money to reach back to square 1!

So please, everyone, cut the crap! Let's talk about the money first, excite us about the job, tempt us with the money, show us the BANANA for which we are selling the best time of our week and the best time of our lives!

In the world of business, you need to have brass balls! Don't hesitate to ask for what you deserve!

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