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Hi Werner,

Nice series, have you consider making a testing part? I'm having problems testing handlers with the Identity middleware and passing Form data to the TestRequest. I've searched everywhere for this and found nothing; and also the official documentation is very lacking in this regard.

Again, thanks for the good work


Hi, thanks for your kind words, the testing part is out, if you find it useful, please let me know, if you doesn't please let me know too, :).


Seriously? It was a coincidence? are you some sort of superhero? are you reading my mind right now? (I wouldn't recommend that)

thanks a lot, plus another lot. I'm gonna check it out right now :)

lol, you made my day, thanks for your words. Yes, it was a coincidence. I'm planning on creating more content and release it as soon as I can, I'm waiting for your comments on that post, even if it's a bad one, :P.

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