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shhh, don't say in public that you don't make your tests first. The TDD police may raid SWAT your house. (I don't test before either and I even add tests that I wouldn't think of beforehand, but don't tell anyone). Good article tho. How I've hated my past self making those errors, I can only hope my future self doesn't hate me that much :)


hahahaha. Let me edit this post to prevent the TDD police to knock on my door.

I try to do TDD sometimes, but I think it's hard when I don't have clarity of what I'm developing. I intend to read Test Driven Development: By Example and try for real one day.


I tried but doesn't work for me, I guess I'll have to remain a scum. If you succeed pray for us, we'll be right here sitting in the mud being worthless.

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