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I've noticed that you have written some Rust articles, I know Rust/wasm is not production ready yet (that is of course always debatable), but did you take a look on that?, how far from ready is it?,

I'm working in a personal project with Actix-web and soon I'll start dealing with the client side, I haven't started a heavy research on the client side yet but from what I've heard I'm considering: Svelte, Stencil or something in Rust, maybe Seed or Percy, but there seems to be very uncertain yet.

Did you considered some wasp alternative?, any interesting discovery on that front? or is too new/experimental yet?


Yep - My old site is in actix-web, and I plan to continue writing servers in hyper. Part of my goal here is to get more familiar with a more mainstream tech, so TypeScript was a primary driver.

As far as frontends go, I've tried both Yew and hand-rolling with web-sys - I wrote a quick write-up of the latter here:

I think "uncertain" is exactly the word. Not a lot of "1.0" level crates, so you have to expect breaking API changes. I think this should be revisited after everything has had more time to bake, but is an exciting tech to watch.

For simple frontend sites, though, Rust is overkill. JS/TS is the right tool for a lot of cases. If you're doing all your work server-side, then it's a little more robust. I really like hyper.

For frontends, I've wanted to try seed for a while, would be curious to hear how it goes if you do. For rust web servers, I'm most excited about tide but again, we're a little early for it to be ready for use.

As for whether Rust is "production-ready" in a general sense, I think there are domains where it absolutely is, but the big thing that needs to happen is a larger set of "1.0"-stable crates.


I guess we'll have to wait and see on the client side, in the server side I'm really happy so far with Actix-web, it was kinda hard for me at the start but once you start to get in the groove you even start to enjoy the API docs :D

PS: If you find yourself in the curious mode, take a look to SQLx (is a Rust SQL toolkit fully async with async-std and has forbidden non-safe code 8-o ) I just found it and look very promising, far from 1.0, but looks great.

I was also thrilled with actix-web 0.7, but the 1.0 breaking change threw me for a lurch and I haven't spent the time to sit down and learn the new API - I really should.

I saw a reddit post about that - looks very cool. The Rust ecosystem is full of cool stuff. Today I'm playing with cxx, a safer way to interface C++<->Rust than bindgen. It's like getting cool new toys every day.

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