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Discussion on: How to have a professional online appearance

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Rob Jewell • Edited

Jon, your perspective here is very interesting. I always assumed that a Portfolio website would be valuable. Take for instance this job posting. In particular there is this part of the application which appears to be very important:
"Please share 2 projects that best represent your capabilities, interests, and leadership, and that demonstrate deep technical expertise in at least one platform, language, or domain."

If an applicant did not have a portfolio, then how could they possibly share any projects with a potential employers?

Also, is not a portfolio project a good opportunity for a developer to demonstrate a potential skill to an employer? Could not a portfolio project give a developer the opportunity to say, "Hey this part of the code base I am proud of because XYZ reasons. However this part of the code base I am not in love with for ABC reasons, and I would improve this parts in EFG ways."

Of course they could potentially show off a project, app, or website that they got paid to do. However chances are that the code they wrote to make the paid project is in a private repository, making it difficult to "show" ones work.

I guess for me the fact that an engineer has a portfolio is of course significantly more important than a "portfolio site" which could equate to a shiny meaningless glimmer of work.