Could allow larger tag names?

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Well, I know that very large tag names would not make sense. But the current limit does not allow me to use common terms like #ArtificialIntelligence or #ReinforcementLearning. One alternative would be to use their respective acronymous like #AI or #RL, but I think that this alternative loses clarity. What do you think guys?

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Increasing the limit works for me. We don't have a strong reason for limiting it now.


Increase tag length limit from 20 to 30 characters #3035

As requested in this thread:

I think we limit the length for aesthetic purposes but it isn't that important. The freedom of more characters would trip people up less often.

Find this line and change the number, and adjust the adjacent spec:

      errors.add(:tag, "\"#{tag}\" is too long (maximum is 20 characters)") if tag.length > 20

Et voila!

Thanks for bringing this up.

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