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Discussion on: What is a project, you are really proud of?

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Rogerio Taques

Hi there,

There're 4 (side) projects I've built that I like most. In order of importance (to me) they are:

  1. Mail Shield, the latest, still young, it creates random aliases (aka shields) to Gmail accounts helping people to stop giving their email away when subscribing to online services out there. Alongside a password manager, it's a powerful tool for fighting SPAM and Phishing emails. 🛡

  2. 3o2, the oldest, released in 2017, is a URL shortener service powered by a simple and open API. Initially built to my exclusive use (for getting really short addresses) I opened it up 3 months later when some friends started asking me to use. 🎯

  3. Seed-PHP, is a PHP microframework for RESTful APIs. Built to help me get started with my own projects, it is quite simple if compared to other microframeworks but it implements some very interesting helpers, such as the built-in wrapper for Mailgun. 🦾

  4. Seed-CSS, is essentially a CSS boilerplate. I've written its first lines around 2015 and it started as a simple grid system to help me out with responsive websites. As time passed, I was implementing more and more features and today its's a fully-featured CSS boilerplate (or perhaps a CSS framework). A simple, yet cool alternative to Bootstrap or Materialize. 🤓

All are side (aka personal) projects, are still active and were built using one of the following: Vue.js, Plain Javascript, Sass, PHP and MySQL.

Feedbacks are all very welcome! 😉


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mayank joshi Author

Interesting. I have to check this out.

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Rogerio Taques

Great, Joshi! Go for it and lemme know if you have any feedback. 🍻

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