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I went through your list and except for a few things like 3D renders and stuff, most modern DEs like KDE or Gnome can do all of those stuff out of the box. Plus the default goto applications for stuff thare are not available out of the box are much better than what microsoft offers built-in. KDE Connect for example has been around longer than Your Phone and does many things much better.

I am writing this on a really new (Ryzen 4000 based) convertable and while windows has been pushing convertables and hybrids for a while I was shocked (even as a linux-loving person) to find out just how much better gnome is with convertables. The fact that i had to switch to change volumes or resort to random gestures that barely work is telling how polished gnome desktop is compared to windows.

Even stuff like fingerprint signin works out of the box with most distros now granted you have a supported fprint reader. (cough goodix cough)

An easy-to-use package manager, winget, that automatically syncs with native Programs and Features

I'm not quite sure what you mean by that sentence exactly but linux is the home of package managers. If you mean a GUI then look at Gnome Software or pamac. Both are really good GUI package managers and faster than windows store.

For powershell, while i do like their everything is an object with multiple values, im not onboard with their verb-noun style of commands. Also for me personally, Linux/nix terminals are just more familiar.

I read your reply to Tom below but heres my point of view - Windows does include a lot by default but more often than not you end up using third party tools anyways, if youre installing windows you will likely go through the bulk installing all the apps you need (browser, graphics and chipset drivers, etc. unless youre fine with basic WHQL drivers that is.) so why not install apps you need on linux.

IMO this is the reason windows has so many issues, it tries to do everything for everyone and we end up with an OS that doest work completely for everyone. Ubuntu has the same exact issue but is much smaller in scale. It tries to be THE LINUX DISTRO and fails.


I really like the perspective you offer in the last lines. Pleasing everyone just isn't possible. I'm glad that everyone has a choice to use whatever they like and use on their personal computers/laptops, unlike on mobiles where you're stuck with mostly proprietary OSes (Google's Android and Apple's iOS). The computer world is much better nowadays in terms of options.

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