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used to subscribe and watch these channels a lot, until I realized I was in the tutorial loopalooza , I got so addicted to watching that I never actually wrote code lol.

My advice is to only watch these channels when you absolutely need to, they are a wonderful resource.



Hey, thank you for sharing your experience :-)

I have a different opinion as I think tutorials are there to see and write code while seeing that. Otherwise, there is no use of such great channels if we can't write code.


Tutorials are for beginners to get familiar with. That's it.

I can agree with you but it's great resource to remain updated with tech trends.

Somewhat relatable. There are also good amount of websites for that. Just like DEV.


There's no time like lab time!


Yeah that happened with me too then I just started building things and using docs then tutorials


There is the other type of programmer who doesn't bother watching tutorials and starts coding bad software due to lack of fundamentals and best practice knowledge.


Self learning from your own experience is also a master art.. ❤😀


I do it, but only with web projects. I used to watch tutorials and read documentation extensively until I realized that I'm not getting anywhere, so I just writing code without going to tutorials.


I used to watch too many tutorials Because I couldn't figure out how to actually build an App that I wanted to build. There is no tutorial on how to build a complete real world app on the channels that I came across.

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