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Discussion on: Full Stack Serverless - Building a Real-time Chat App with GraphQL, CDK, AppSync, and React

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Hi @dabit3 , I am also really interested in how to scale both CDK and Amplify to large development programmes with multiple development workstreams that use globally teams that work independently with minimal code sharing between them.

For example, a programme could have:

  • multiple mobile apps ( with multiple teams for swift, android and react-native)
  • multiple web apps using different technologies (react, angular, vue....)
  • multiple internal enterprise systems and business intelligence applications (Java, C#, NodeJs, Python, R, ...)
  • multiple internal and public-facing AppSync API endpoints (used by any combination of the apps above), segregated for different business capabilities and authority groups
  • multiple databases, internal systems and external integrations
  • multiple internal and external user pools, authority groups, etc
  • multiple AWS accounts per environment (prod, pre-prod, dev)
  • multiple AWS accounts per company department connecting to multiple and diverse corporate infrastructures.

Would you have some ideas on how it would be possible to organize a cloud development architecture using both Amplify and CDK to help with the challenges above?

Many thanks,