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I hate it because dumb decisions by dumb people made me unemployable. I can't even find a person to train me. I don't like vue either. All these frameworks are a way to "fix" problems that should have never become problems in the first place. They want to be everything but they aren't good at anything. I want my tools to to one job well, not all the work poorly.

Agencies can't find developers anymore. It was always bad but not like this. If there's 100 people that know html, css and maybe 10 of those know a little js, maybe 2-3 know js really well. The ones that do usually can't do css. Then you have a very bright person on the team that wants to use a bloated library for css because nobody wants to touch css. Now, an agency has to do the work of 100 people with 10 and of those 10 people 7-8 need training. The scope grows, the quality goes down. Then you have these very bright people that think agile, scrum and jira are the solution for poor quality and long development time. Lets glance over the fact that you've lost 90% of the workforce by switching to an unripe framework and you did it just because it was a trend. You see what i mean? One bad "fix" creates new problems that get fixed with new bad fixes.

React makes a mess of html and css. Try following docs when fixing accessibility on a website made in react. It was made in time of jquery, it doesn't work very well and adapting it to work in react on the fly with a million other things going around is insane. I used to collect all the css needed for ui in a folder and move this folder from project to project. All the ui was tested and was working in all browsers and relevant devices. I can still use this in any react project but this isn't how it's done and people freak out when they see me work differently. Meanwhile, the ui created in a react project is baked into the project. It cannot be moved to other projects and you have to go through the whole cycle for no good reason. Type all the code out again, leave accessibility behind, reinvent the wheel and have a much worse product in the end.

React is missing all the features needed to make anything. It is a toy, made by people who only understand js and nothing else. It confuses old developers and it doesn't make new developers better. It's a tool that allows you to make basic stuff quickly, ship it and hope no one asks about it ever again. It's great for baby projects when you don't need to move too far from the official docs to make them work but for anything larger it leaves you to work it all out on your own.