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Text size too small

ronca85 profile image ronca85 ・1 min read


I find the post content on this website difficult to read.

I'm on a full hd screen (1920x1080), chrome browser on windows. The line of text is ~75 characters long. I believe it souldn't be more than ~60. When I set font-size: 130% on the body I get ~57 characters per line. This is how it should be. People who just scan articles or don't read at all wouldn't care but I have trouble reading on the best of days and removing any unnecessary strain is a good thing.

Another thing, when i wanted to go into the footer and click contact us to write this message I was unable to do so because the posts keep loading infinitely. This is why I decided to make a post. But the post has issues as well. The Main title sets inline style height: 27px for some reason. If I want to see what I wrote as the post title I have to inspect the page and remove this property.

Hope this message finds its way to the right person.

Thanks :D

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