An observation about UX (from a noob) - Twitter likes vs the rest

ronsoak on June 15, 2019

Had an interesting conversation with my fiancé recently about how we use likes on social media. It arose through the revelation that I don’t ‘lik... [Read Full]
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I never noticed there's a list of things I liked on Twitter. Perhaps this is because I mainly use Tweetdeck that simply does not have it. On the other hand, it shows (by default) list of tweets that people I follow liked, so it works more like Facebook likes (= increases reach).

This is also interesting, because Tweetdeck was acquired by Twitter years ago.


I know Twitter now has a bookmark feature

It does? I can't see one on the website. I've found a video of someone showing it on the app, hidden under one of the sharing icons. I think you can disregard this feature though, because on one interface it's hidden and on the other it's missing completely.

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