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11 Best Free Udemy Courses (Temporary)

rosepac profile image Pablo Álvarez Corredera Updated on ・2 min read

My pardons. For some strange reason, the links were copied full of blanks when editing.

Alt Text

Now the coupons have already expired, sorry.

Today, November 24, I hope to make up for this and publish new courses. I'll make sure the links are okay.

Again. My sincere forgiveness.

The courses (coupons already expired) 😿

1. CNN for Computer Vision with Keras and TensorFlow in Python

7 Hours to learn two of the best Python libraries in the world.

2. Python Bootcamp 2021 | Python Master from Zero to Hero

Learn Python from scratch and learn how to implement the basics in code.

3. Python Programming for Everyone Immersive Training

Learn, practice, master, think like Python pros, and be a certified Python superhero in no time.

4. Build a search engine with Python: computing and Python

AStateOfData.Com ™ Computer Science with Python - Build a Search Engine with Python: Computer Science and Python

5. Vue.js: Learn the basics by building a movie web app

6. Learn AWS Identity Management with AWS IAM, SSO, and Federation

7. The complete web development course with PHP, PDO and MySQL

8. Ecommerce website in PHP and MySQL from scratch

9. Bootstrap 4 Bootcamp for web development

10. Zoom for companies | How to grow your business with Zoom

11. 11 Chrome extensions that every digital marketer should know


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