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Discussion on: Developing token authentication using ASP.NET Core

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Also ran the api/token with the username and password all worked well I got the toekn in return which I appened to a HTTP get call to the server but the authorization fails

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Samuele Resca Author

Errata corrige:

You need to pass the token in the HEADER of the request:

Authorization:Bearer <TOKEN>
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Gustavo Souza Gonçalves

When i pass the Authorization Bearer in header, it gives me this error:
The header name format is invalid.

This is how i'm passing it:

client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("Authorization:Bearer", json.accessToken);

where client is a HttpClient variable and json.accessToken is the value of the token.

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Daniel E.

Another approach..
If you download the tool Postman you can easily check how this works.
After you revieced your token, you just have to put into Header:
Key: Authorization
Value: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN
including the whitespace between Baerer and your token!

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Forest Marie

I get nothing but 401s using this very approach in Postman.