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Discussion on: Keep VS Code from Becoming an IDE

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Jonas B. R.

That's fair! I mean you're right! I didn't mean to be that aggressive on that opinion... and it's really true that, once you're used to any editor of your choice, the compete result will come faster than if you've used another editor that you're not so comfortable...

My point was kinda about my own experience of having to wait for considerable seconds when opening large files or multiple files, and some delays when you try to use these modern editors VSCODE/Atom/Sublime with some features like linters etc...

I think that in the end, it's better to invest a little bit of time on vim in the beginning than having to deal with that delays from those editors for ... (I don't know how long)..


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Ryan Palo Author

Yeah, that makes sense. You can't beat the productivity and keyboardiness of Vim, especially for editing config files and small scripts and projects. I'll have to keep working at it to get good enough to do larger projects with it.

If you haven't tried VS Code in a while, consider giving it a go, as it's gotten significantly faster.

Thanks for the advice!