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Discussion on: You CAN Convert your Callbacks to Promises

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Robert Wildling

Thank you again very much, Steve!

What I observe is that the coordinate values change all the time, no matter what. So if I understand you correctly: Using maximumAge to manage the amount of geolocation points to be saved to a data store is unreliable. If I want to save a geolocation datum only every 3rd second; i need to implement my own timer.
To be honest: I do not really understand, what this setting is good for, if the browser does whatever it wants whenever it wants... :-(

However, I love your tutorials and texts and am looking forward to new stuff of yours! Thank you again! Have a good day!

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Steve Griffith Author

You're very welcome.
Just bear in mind that changing the maximumAge option, the enableHighAccuracy option, or using a timer you create yourself will get similar results. The management of the radio in the phone is beyond absolute control of the JS. It will always be the device and the browser that get to make the final decision about how to use the radio - wifi, gps, etc.