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Not super practical maybe, but using binary XOR is a sneaky way of checking for exact pairs of things (or finding an odd one out!). :) No sorting, and it works with punctuation!

# Detects whether two words are anagrams or not
def is_anagram?(word1, word2)
  (word1 + word2).chars.reduce(0) { |acc, curr| acc ^ curr.ord } == 0

puts "stressed is an anagram of desserts: #{is_anagram?('stressed', 'desserts')}"
# => true
puts "happy is an anagram of sad: #{is_anagram?('happy', 'sad')}"
# => false
puts "banana? is an anagram of b?naana: #{is_anagram?('banana?', 'b?naana')}"
# => true

Wouldn't "hello" and "hellooo" be a false positive here? I like the feel of this approach though.


Oh, good point. This is probably better suited to a “find the one unique letter” type problem. I like the solution that uses ‘uniq’ the best so far, I think.

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