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In this post we are going to learn about use of google maps marker clustering. when we requires to show a large number of marker points on the Google maps we will use the Marker Cluster in Android.

For this we are using the google maps marker Clustering Utility class

Cluster Maps Android

in the above image The number on a cluster indicates how many markers it contains. Once we zoom onto cluster location we’ll able see the markers. We can also show Current Location with Zoom Options

To work with Maps Clustering we will add below dependencies in build.gradle file

implementation ''
implementation ''
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To add Marker as cluster the simplest way to show the cluster, first, we need to implement ClusterItem on our model class. Let’s create a simple User class that implements ClusterItem.

package com.rrtutors.googlemapcluster


class User constructor(username: String,latLng: LatLng,url :String): ClusterItem {

    var username=username;
    var url=url;
    var latLng=latLng;
    override fun getSnippet(): String {

        return "";

    override fun getTitle(): String {

        return username;

    override fun getPosition(): LatLng {
        return latLng;


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This class we will be used to add for the maps

Let's add Cluster to marker by

private fun setUpClusterManager(googleMap: GoogleMap) {
        val clusterManager = ClusterManager<User>(applicationContext , googleMap)  // 3
        val items = getItems()

        googleMap.moveCamera(CameraUpdateFactory.newLatLngZoom(items?.toList()?.get(6)?.latLng, 14.0f));
        clusterManager.addItems(items)  // 4
        clusterManager.cluster()  // 5
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Read Complete example of Google Maps Cluster Android

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