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Change App Icon in Flutter

To change Flutter App Icon we have different ways.

When we create a flutter application from command line or any other IDE (Android studio/VsCode) flutter by default will add a Flutter logo as luncher icon.

We have a plugin flutter Launcher Icon which will automatically add our launcher icons.

We need to add this plugin in pubspec.yaml file

  flutter_launcher_icons: "^0.9.2"

  android: "launcher_icon"
  ios: true
  image_path: "assets/icon/icon.png"
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After setting up the configuration, all that is left to do is run the package.

flutter pub get
flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main
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We can also change the Launcher icon in Native by below ways


Right click on the android folder in the project outline. Go to New > Image Asset. (Try right clicking the android/app folder if you don't see Image Asset as an option.) Now you can select an image to create your launcher icon from

It will create the launcher icon with all DPIs

Flutter launcher Icon


Prepare all respected icon set Now In your Flutter project go to ios/Runner/Assets.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset

and update the icons and json file

Flutter Launcher Icon Ios

Now we are able to change the Flutter App icon for both iOS and Android

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