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I've always been intrigued with becoming a full-stack software engineer. Who wouldn't want to say they're an expert in multiple aspects of software dev?

When I think of a fullstack software, I think of a developer who can move horizontally across all business aspects and provide instant value. So if the business is a company that manufacturers printers, the fullstack developer can write the code that runs on the printers as well as code that runs the company's web apps. I totally believe that these developers exist, especially for small startups where people have to wear many hats.

However, a majority of fullstack developer positions that I see for job postings would be more accurately named "application developer". This is because developers can be on teams responsible for a single product, and that product will have a frontend+backend+some level of cloud infrastructure.

At the end of the day it's all semantics, and I think the term "fullstack" is born out of marketing and is part of trendy software culture+lingo, just like "devops."

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