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Discussion on: You don't need to install Linux anymore.

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Ruben Kharel Author • Edited on

The title was just a small clickbait for a professional player but for my classmates, it is not.

I don't think It is always an easy task to setup Linux especially when you have driver issues. My classmates like to play games and stuff on their laptop, so they buy gaming beast and use it for gaming as well as in college. And when they want me to dual boot linux on their device with NVIDIA GUP, and the pain I feel just thinking about what can go wrong. Above that, they don't want any data to be deleted. You should see the pressure I get. xD. Well, gaming in Linux is a thing these days so, I am not totally going to deny your statement tho.

I don't know if it is similar everywhere, but my college never taught us more than a few commands and how to write a minimal basic bash script. Above that, looking at my classmates I am sure they would love this approach. They are not dedicated enough to prove your statement right. And we need certain tools in college which runs only in windows, for which we have to use windows no matter what, and I find dual-booting pain. I don't want to go through all of that just in this comment.

PS: MSOffice was the only reason I used Windows in the first place, but now I am in love with WSL.

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Alex Borges

Back in my day and as part of the Linux User Group of my college (we are talking 1998 here), we issued a Taco Public License for installation and configuration.

We'd help them in install fests but outside of that voluntary work, a taco and/or beer was required for student-grade support.

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Mirko Vukušić • Edited on

Well, then they're not really IT professionals, and doesnt look like they will be soon :) In that case, and also at the same time you're forced to use some windows software, you are a gamer, etc.... Yes, I'd suggest WSL. But it's hard for me to believe anybody like that really reads

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Ruben Kharel Author • Edited on

That is why I set the experience level of the post to minimum.


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Carl Draper

I am using Linux for games, install Steam, allow Proton and you can pay plenty of games.

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Noah Ginsburg

Distros like Ubuntu just magic the driver issue away. For example Ubuntu even bundles Nvidia's proprietary driver in the iso. You just click a button and Nvidia works.