Launch Day!

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A couple of months ago I made the leap out of marketing and into programming. Today, I am super excited to say that I have my business site up and running and am welcoming new work.

To anyone looking to do the same, I'd be happy to offer insight into what the process has been for me so far. The best advice that I can give is to stay patient and committed to the desire.

I'd love thoughts, questions, feedback, etc.

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Oh I love a good monochrome theme. Very nice!

fyi the link in this article has an extra http.

Also, you might want to remove your phone number, or encode it like you did the @ in your email address. You're going to get a lot of robo calls and scams.


Good catch, thank you. And yes, I was on the fence about the phone number. Perhaps I'll do that anyway.


Very slick design. Imputes quality. Throwback style, modern simplicity.

You may be burying the lede in terms of your contract work. I feel like if you're trying to get people to contact you, it's a bit unclear why and how.


I loved the website. It has this unique and antique feel. And the grey shades are cleverly used.

Just one point, the contact details are not visible on the screen. At first glance, I didn't know they were there. I had to scroll down to see them.


Great point. Perhaps I'll emphasize at the top of the site as well. Thanks for the kind feedback!


I love this style, and the illustrations really add another level of quality. It's minimal, but has a nice weight to it.

Great job, and congrats!


Looks nice! I need to mention though that the contrast between the text and the BG is quite low, that coupled with the small font make it hard to read (on mobile at least).


No problem, I "suffer" from tour typical computer vision issue so I always increase the contrast of my screens as well as the font size 😅

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