Why would you watch a programming Live Stream?

ruudniew profile image ruudniew ・1 min read

Over the last weeks, I’ve started live streaming to Twitch (and to some other platforms). Even though it’s still quite amateuristic, I highly enjoy doing it. So far, we made:

  1. A Twitch Chatbot
  2. A random stream about tech culture
  3. A soundboard that I can use on my tablet to play sounds and gifs on stream. Also the viewers should be able to trigger the soundboard through the chat
  4. (In progress) a live IDE that mirrors a local folder / directory, so viewers can get live updates on whatever I’m programming, and inspect the code base while I make changes

Now the community is growing slowly but steadily, I’d like to know more about YOU. Since you are on Dev.to, you are (likely) a developer or someone who’s interested in development

So please let me know, why on earth would you watch a programming live stream?

Reasons that I came up with myself:

  1. To just “hangout” with a developer and other people in the chat
  2. To learn programming. YouTube videos are so edited, that it’s hard to follow along.
  3. To get a realistic view of what software development is like
  4. To improve and expand programming knowledge
  5. To get into the creative (programming) mindset and perhaps get ideas for projects

Let me know what you think!


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It's good to see how people approach problems. We're in an industry where half of the journey towards a problems solution we spend thinking "I am out of my depth". Impostor syndrome is a real thing and seeing someone struggle along at the same pace, having to look up the difference between a List and a Set :P is pretty comforting.

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Nick Young

I will usually tune into a programming stream just to hang out or maybe check out how a language works that I am not familiar with. I like seeing the projects other people come up with and watching the process. As others have said, it's also nice to see that they go through a lot of the same problems that you personally do - so it's comforting in a way.

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A programming stream is an excellent source of background noise ("white noise" if you like), if there's no constant commentary. I quite like it because it strikes a balance between being non-intrusive yet realistic, an hour of just the sound of thunder can get uncomfortably repeating and boring for my brown. The end result being that it helps me focus.

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Nick Holmes

I genuinely wish you good luck, but as far as I am concerned, software development is not a spectator sport.