PHP Deployment Best Practices When Using Composer

ryan on March 01, 2020

Overview Composer is the de-facto dependency manager for PHP applications which was initially released almost 8 years ago March 2012. U... [Read Full]
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What benefits do you get from a technique like this over leveraging something like the existing composer lock file, which I believe already skips the dependcy tree calculations which is the part that uses the most memory of your installs?


Nice post!

One thing to add, someone wrote a package for composer that you (generally) install into your global composer file. What it does is allows multiple simultaneous downloads streams to run at the same time.

Using my own Laravel project as a reference, before it would take ~1 minute to run. After its ~20 seconds.

Well worth taking a look at: github.com/hirak/prestissimo


This is great tip :) I will try it when next composer install needed :)


Excellent!! I'm glad it helped! :)


Great That's So helpful for my laravel project.
also nice to see something for PHP this days.

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