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Journey to My New Career: Setting Goals

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New Week === New Start

As I am reviewing this post before publishing it, it is a lovely Monday morning and I am more than ready to get this week underway with learning & practicing more and more skills. Knowing last week was going to be busy I didn't set too many goals but I did achieve the following:

  • Learned CSS Grid
  • This does not mean I am an expert but we'll talk more about that later. What it does mean is that I feel comfortable in writing the code and using it properly.
  • Wrote My 2nd Blog Post
  • This might seem like more of a task than a goal, however, I am trying to learn the habit of writing these blogs. I enjoy them and want to write them, however, finding the time to do so occasionally is a bit tough.
  • Find A Mentor
  • In moving forward in my coding, I wanted to find someone that I could depend on to be there for me. The only time I've had a mentor before was one of my best Viola teachers (I was a musician before exploring code) and I did some of my best growth while under them. Having a mentor is a widely advised thing in this community so I went on Coding Coach and reached out to someone I thought would be a good fit for me and vice-versa. We spoke for about 45 minutes this past Thursday and I am now happily a mentee.

I wish I had more time last week but life happens. What're you gonna do?

This Week's Goals

I've only set a few for this week. Not because I'm busy, but because one of them is quite broad:

  • Rework My Site With CSS Grid
  • This is more for practice than anything else. I plan to use CSS Grid & Flexbox moving forward for creating responsive sites as much as possible.
  • Finish At Least 3 Courses In My Treehouse Track
  • I've slacked a bit in the learning department...particularly JavaScript and I want to get back on that. I've got to finish my current course as well as complete the next two. Those, in order are:
    • JavaScript Loops, Arrays, and Objects - 87 min
    • JavaScript and the DOM - 3 hours
    • CSS Selectors - 2 hours

Wrapping Up

I think it's important to set weekly goals for yourself no matter what you are doing - these are just my coding goals! I've also got weekly life goals such as going to the gym 3 times this week, read at least 4 nights this week, etc. What are some of your goals? I'd love to hear from you down below or on Twitter.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great week all!

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