🍝 Cooking a Deliveroo clone with Next.js (React), GraphQL, Strapi and Stripe - 🏗️ Setup (part 1/7)

Ryan Rez on February 04, 2019

This tutorial will be adapted to use Next.js (React) over Nuxt (Vue) on the front end, complete with GraphQL, Stripe, Strapi and React Context. ... [Read Full]
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Hi Ryan, I'm doing the tutorial but I have one issue that I don't know how to figure it out.

In the part

Edit the index.js

I'm getting this error "Component is not defined at index.js" but If I add in the index:

´´´import React, { Component } from "react";´´´

the error changes to isAuthenticated is not defined

Can you help me with that?


Sure Wilfredo, is the error coming from the Layout component or the index.js component on this step? In your Layout.js file you can remove isAuthenticated in the return statement, it's currently not used in this step and we will add it in later. Can you give that a try?


Yes, Ryan thanks for responding me. I removed and everything is working. thanks for your help and for this tutorial.

Your welcome, I corrected the gist as well to have that variable removed at this step

Thanks a lot for your time and for sharing this awesome tutorial, for anything on this on the others tutorial I'll ping you.


Thanks for the awesome series Ryan~

I'll have to read thru the series to build the clone.

And also, would you be able to add series tag for this series?

series help


Great! Can wait to see other parts.
PS: When you would get to the point of creating GraphQL schema for your Reat project try graphqleditor.com/

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