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Discussion on: Don't Use VSCODE Anymore!

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Ryan-samaeian Author

intelisense is all great but:
For ex . You and your friend are outside, You say you know how to code. So they gives you notepad to code, How will you use notepads automation. Good luck Showing your programming skills.

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Tulio Calil

how many times this happen with you? and you can't talk about other people's skills without know this people, understand?
if some friend for some weird way ask to me to code on notepad, I will, no problems, if you have a problem to do this, it's no wrong, we are not wikis, we are pay to think, not to memorize.

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This is so strange idea to code in notepad. This is the same idea as coding on a whiteboard during the interview.

IDE is made to improve productivity. Some engineers set down and thought: hey what would improve productivity? What dull and tedious tasks we can outsource to the machine, how we can speed up repetitive tasks, what would help developers to work with code, maybe syntax highlighting, maybe popups with documentation, maybe code snippets, maybe fast navigation (Cmd + Click)....

And you suggest giving up all those improvements for the hypothetical case if you would sometimes need to code in notepad?

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That is a poor example. What if you code in a language that needs a interpreter or compiler installed. You might as well install your IDE along with them.

If you're just trying to communicate some code to someone, just use pseudo code. Syntax errors and such don't matter unless you actually need it to run.

Let's use an analogy of your argument: Using a calculator to do math vs doing it on paper. You can say it makes you lazy but it's a dumb reason not to use a calculator. And even the top math professors will use calculators. The argument teachers used in school was "you'll need to know how to do xyz because you won't always have a calculator on you". However, everyone has smart phones and so they all have calculators on them.

An IDE is a tool. You use it to complete a job. Use whatever tool you want and stop this stupid posturing you're trying to do.