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re: Unpopular opinion is the pomodoro timer technique. It does more to distract me than anything. 🤷‍♂️

I agree with this. I found that the short breaks in Pomodoro were interrupting focused work and it was too stressful to try to do anything during that short break because of the work timer coming up. I know you can adjust the times in Pomodoro, but there didn't seem to be an effective combination for me.

I found the better way is to have set intervals during the day to check email/Slack (as opposed to having them open at all times) and times take a break. Not frequent and not in cycles, but just 3-4 reminders on a calendar. There tend to be times of day where emails pile up or you aren't feeling development, so it feels more natural to set reminders for when those times typically arise and step back from focused work.

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