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I would not go as far as saying it is malicious (speaking generally on DRM, I'm unsure if Widevine is doing shady things), but I think it is providing a poor product and poor customer service when it isn't implemented well. Most times it hurts the paying customers, not the ones who pirated. Ubisoft DRM comes to mind as bad DRM that prevented you from using what you paid for.


I agree with all of this, but I don't think it's the matter at hand.
But yeah, lots of the time DRM is too intrusive.
While Netflix's is good quality DRM, I think it's a case study of how much more important it is to make the media practical than it is to protect the content: they never beat piracy, it's still plenty available. Yet, it sells well. Why? Because, it's easy.
Of ALL the people I know who use Netflix today, ALL pirated their media a few years back. Now, they use Netflix and Spotify, and some other streaming services. Because the current options get less in their way.

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