How to Design and Code a Personal Website

Ryan Smith on December 09, 2019

Many developers believe that being good at design is an innate ability, that being creative is something you are born with. But design is a skill t... [Read Full]
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Very well explained, I'm so glad about the

✨ Why Design it Yourself?
section, related to something as our personal website we should avoid themes and designs created by others, and truly show our personal glow!

Definitely! Having templates and libraries that are free to use is great but they can look lifeless without any customization.


And just before doing all that I'd recommend to search for a video online with someone who knows what they're doing, making a landing page.
In 1 hour or so you'll have a toolset, examples, and GitHub repo to reference, AND STICK TO IT!
Helped me a lot when I started. Otherwise one is at risk of getting overwhelmed by the petabytes of information from Google.


I agree! It is good to get familiar by watching someone else do it and then apply what you learned on your own project.


Great article! I coded mine from scratch, and the learning experience was excellent. It's not the most impressive site, but the amount of mistakes I made (and learned to correct) made it much more worthwhile than just using a template.


Thank you! Learning through experience is a great confidence booster for the next project.


I'm not a designer myself but I created a goof looking portfolio for me. wasif.codes
I took inspiration from other portfolios on internet


Hi Muhammad,
Good looking site!
One thing I have noticed is that you have h1 tag on each section.
for proper CEO, there should be a single h1 and all other headings h2...hx
also they all have trailing cursor, not sure if it's a bug or a feature.

otherwise, well done!


I'm solely blaming this post for making me want to redesign my entire site. 😂

Great read, thanks!


I'll take the blame, do it! 😄

Thank you!


Nice sharing 🤠, knowing a little bit about design is fun.


I'd rather use a framework then customize the looks based on designs I like from dribble because I'm a web developer, not a graphic designer and I'd hate having to design an user interface.


Why not just use a dump static site generators ?

Pro tip: They are great


You can definitely integrate the design into any static site generator, I agree they are great tools. This post is more about creating the design first instead of reaching for a design template that a static site generator might provide.

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