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Discussion on: What is a project, you are really proud of?

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Simon Hofmann • Edited
  1. My desktop automation framework

    GitHub logo nut-tree / nut.js

    Native UI testing / controlling with node

    nut.js (Native UI Toolkit) Build Status SonarCloud badge SonarCloud Coverage Downloads per month

    Native UI testing / automation with node.js

    Built with opencv4nodejs



    nut.js is a cross-platform native UI automation / testing tool.

    It allows for native UI interactions via keyboard and / or mouse but additionally gives you the possibility to navigate the screen based on image matching.


    The following snippet shows a valid NUT example (on macOS)

    "use strict"
    const { keyboard, Key, mouse, left, right, up, down, screen } = require("@nut-tree/nut-js")
    const square = async () => {
      await mouse.move(right(500))
      await mouse.move(down(500));
      await mouse.move(left(500));
      await mouse.move(up(500));
    const openSpotlight = async () => {
      await keyboard.pressKey(Key.LeftSuper);
  2. TypeScript, node, N-API, OpenCV, Travis-CI, Appveyor

  3. Both personal and professional. It's a project of myself, but we're also using it in our E2E testing and monitoring tool Sakuli

  4. It's active and happily under development

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mayank joshi Author

Amazing project.

Good to see that the project is personal and professional at same time. You ought to be proud of this project.

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