Announcing the 2019 State of JavaScript Survey

Sacha Greif on November 26, 2019

It's that time of the year again: the leaves are turning red, the temperature is dropping, annoying Christmas music is being pumped through superma... [Read Full]
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We "only" got 20,000 responses compared to the previous year's 28,000, but that might just mean the pace of change in the JavaScript ecosystem is slowing down.

You might also have more success if you didn't ask for so much personal data (or clearly showed that it's optional somewhere). I have filled the survey out, but I doubt I'll do it again due to all the personal data questions. Just my two pennies.


All questions are optional, it's written in the sidebar but if you're on mobile you might've missed it.


Oh, that's good to know! Thanks for the info.
Yes, I was on mobile, so I must have missed it.


Didn't get all this hate about personal questions and the requirement to create an account. It took literally less than 5 seconds for me to create one and I didn't see any question out of what I'd expect in a survey like this. No parent's relationship question was asked lol c'mon guys.... This is the 2nd year I participate, wish to knew this from the beggining. Keep up the great work Sacha! I love statistics and to observe the changes through the years.


Nice work as always, I really like the theme and visual design that you have landed on for the site. It is always interesting to see the results and where JavaScript is headed. The discussions on podcasts and around the community when the results come out is always an interesting and memorable time, so thanks for doing it!


Sad to see that it now requires an account. And I won't create a new one just to fill out a survey created by some stranger. 🤷‍♂️


I for one was comforted by the fact that because I was using an account it would have been easier to close the tab and resume later. The results of surveys like this are often very interesting to read, I was happy to contribute


"Some stranger"? Is that really all I am to you!? You know, I thought we really had something… I guess I was wrong.

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