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  • I do not have any IT certificates other than ones to indicate I've completed courses on Coursera or DataCamp. I have 0 Microsoft certifications... and I'm a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).
  • A certificate can help with career advancement if the companies you want to work for value them. For example, one of my mentors has his own company that is a Microsoft Partner. As such, they need to have x amount of people certified. So they have some value in certificates so that they can maintain their Microsoft Partner relationship.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science & Engineering Technology - I went to college to get the paper so that I would be seen as belonging in the field. But, having that piece of paper isn't necessary nowadays. With the growth in coding bootcamps (and yes, there are legitimate ones!) and other alternative learning sources, it's easier to get into the field by showing what you can do - create a GitHub repo with samples to show your capabilities as you learn.

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