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Which top πŸ”₯ technologies πŸ€– and skills βš™οΈ will be high πŸ’‘ in-demand πŸ“ˆ in 2020 ? Let us discuss πŸ’¬ !!!

Saeed Ahmad on December 04, 2019

Hey Dev Community, 2019 is about to end. We witnessed a lot of ups and downs this year. It's important to discuss this because newbies can focus... [Read Full]
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Embedded Systems Programming is an interesting one that I've had my eye on for a while. I'm very tempted to get myself a Raspberry Pi and try out the Elixir Nerves Framework just for this. Unfortunately I have no idea what to try and build with it!


If you're coming from this with a web/JS background (like me), I'd recommend looking at Balena: I worked for them a few years ago, and though I'm not doing IoT professionally now, they're honestly great for this, especially if you're not coming from an embedded background.

Free for up to 10 devices, and it does a lot of the setup & deployment work for you, so you just push your code with a dockerfile (they have templates you can use), and it updates & runs just as if you were pushing to Heroku/Zeit/etc. No need to set up & manage a Linux distro from scratch or FTP/SSH in or any of that.


Yeah. That's really interesting. I hacked in some at my grad, It was awesome. You should start from Arduino I guess.


the question is frankly too vague to answer.

I am pretty sure that $TECH is great in some contexts and overkill in other contexts.
that works no matter what is $TECH

what is your goal?

Do you want to build a useful product?
boring technologies like php/MySQL/jQuery may well be enough to build it

Do you want an higher salary?
learning more about salary negotiation will lead you faster there then starting a journey to learn data science

Are you in love with one of this tech and asking yourself if you can find a job in it?
making personal collections with people and companies already using it is probably your best bet


Yeah you are correct but there are some popular technologies which every Job Description mentions and wants Devs to be proficient with it. For example, nowadays most companies want front end devs who have considerable experience with ReactJS.


Oh I get that.
I'm looking for a job myself and job description are much more annoying than realistic.

I would recommend skipping them, see what @jacobherrington wrote

Money quote:

Get coffee with someone who can hire you. Ideally, you can build a relationship with someone who can hire you without asking anyone else; CTOs, CEOs, COOs, and Co-founders are the people you want to get to know when you're looking for a job.

Thanks Jean. I would consider your advice.


I wonder if adding reactjs to this list automatically makes React Native also a bargain in 2020. And also, I was thinking of taking a course in typescript but I don't know if it's a good idea considering how well established JavaScript is. Should I go into typescript and is it still a good choice to learn angular and vuejs


Learning TypeScript is better. However TS is itself a superset of JS, so, it doesn't matter which one you should learn. Amongst frameworks, I guess it depends on the companies you want to apply to. If most of them use Angular or Vue, then get hands-on practice on these, otherwise ReactJS is generally more popular nowadays.


Yeah! Reactjs seems more popular and that's one of the things I considered while making my decision and also the ease of learning. Reactjs is relatively much easier to learn compared to angularjs and vuejs in my opinion.

Yeah. I guess if you have a strong grip on JS, then a framework shouldn't be that much difficult to you. I have tried Vue and Angular some time ago, and they seemed easier to me. But yeah, when I started with JS, they seemed horrible to me. So, it depends on your understanding of core language. If you are good at that then framework will be easier for you to understand.


For web development:

  • "Insert favorite tool" that can manage long-running processes
  • "Insert favorite tool" that can manage concurrency flawlessly
  • "Insert favorite tool" that can manage low-latency connections
  • "Insert favorite tool" that can manage real-time demands easily and without dependencies

My favorite tools at the moment are Elixir, Go and Rust.
Together they are a powerhouse package you could only dream about a few years ago.


Nicely explained. Yeah that's the perfect combo Software Engineers dreamt of.


JS is getting bigger each day, I'm sure JAMStack || JS Frameworks will keep their MVP position @ front-end development!


Yeah. JAMStack is the new player in.

What do you think about React vs Vue vs Angular. Who will win?


Don't forget Svelte, the new player!

Vue 3 is just around the corner, but React is stronger than ever, so, who knows!

Yeah Svelte is the new player in.

It would be great to see it. But React has some edge over it in terms of popularity and adoption.


Without much research on the subject and with great BIAS here is my list

  1. Web components (standard components)
  2. Vue.js
  3. GraphQL
  4. Gatsby
  5. Svelte (js)
  6. ReactJS (not going anywhere yet)

Thanks for your input Giorgos.

BTW I love Vue.js so it would be exciting to see it's competition with ReactJS.

What do you think about Flutter vs React Native?


Why πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ”¬do you think Python 🦑 will bee 🐝 big in 2020?


Because of it's usage in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and other AI problems. You know Python has become de-facto language of AI, so, if AI goes big, then Python will also be high in demand. What do you think?


I really don't know. I've missed using Python for a few years now and have just picked it up again with AdventOfCode, so I hope it gets/stays big!

Good luck to you for your Pythonic Journey!


Absolutely. Competition between top cloud providers like Amazon, Google, Microsoft , IBM etc will lead to more improvement of their services and ultimately enabling people to adopt it more.

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