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Discussion on: What I wish, as a woman in tech, I knew early on?

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Saf Venture • Edited

Being a feminist, before I started to enter in a tech industry, I used to think I needed to find a female tech mentor. But later on, I realized my feminism has nothing to do with looking for the "potential tech mentor" especially for the fact that most women in tech don't spend a long time in a tech position, they are more in a managerial position or any position handling/dealing people because that's what women are good at they say. For me, finding the "right tech mentor" has something to do with a person who has the same personal core values as you. Someone who has the same principle or morality as you. Because I can really attest that the way we code really reflects on what kind of personality we have. You know, understanding someone else's code is just the same as understanding people's personality or way of thinking. :)