What I learned from 100 Days Of Code

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This week, I finish the 100 Days Of Code Challenge and I want to share lessons I learned from it, challenges did I face while taking the challenge, why I did it and why you should do it too.

What is 100daysofcode?

100DaysOfCode is a challenge created by Alexander Kallaway. It requires the undertaker to code for at least an hour a day and shares your progress using the #100DaysOfCode hashtag in social media

Why I started the 100 days of code?

I was following Traversy Media and in one of his videos. he was talking about personal branding in social media (if you can’t produce content, just document your journey ).

After that video, I start thinking about documenting my journey on Instagram but I keep postponing it because I want to have a good setup and quality smartphone to shoot with to produce high-quality content.

At the beginning of quarantine in India (March). I see a tweet from a friend about starting the 100 days of code while in quarantine and after that. I create a new Instagram account and start documenting my journey with things I already have.

What challenges did I face while taking the challenge?

In the first couple of weeks, I was very active on Github, and then, I stop posting my progress and also stop coding because I lose interest in one of my side projects and I don’t have an idea for a next side project. I took some break from coding and I suffer from a self-doubting about not posting in Github for 100 days of code but I don’t quit and I didn’t count the days I took a break on and I finish the 100 days of code.

What lessons did I learn from it?

When I have an idea for a side project. I do some research and choose the tech stacks I’ll use in this project. then, I started learning the basics of tech I’ll use from Medium articles and Youtube Videos and I started building the project.

When you’re building a project with a new idea that you don’t have a tutorial that exactly shows you how to build it. you need to do a lot of research to find the stack and solution for problems you’ll be facing

Personal Branding is a great way to get freelance projects or a developer job

When you’re a self-taught developer. you need to prove to your clients or recruiters that you have the coding skills that they need and you’ll not waste their time.

You can prove your coding skills to your potential clients by projects you built and you can do it without having a previous client.

Now, it’s come the power of side projects. So, while you’re coding or after you learned how to code, you can build some side projects from scratch like project mentioned in this lists to prove your coding skills

Why should do this challenge too?

1) You’ll improve your coding skills by making coding a habit in these 100 days.
2) You’ll meet a lot of great developers through this challenge on GitHub.
3) You’ll be part of an active community of developers on LinkedIN.
4) You’ll a social media presence which will be an advantage when applying for jobs or freelancing projects.


I finish this 100 days of code challenge and I’m very happy with the progress I made while doing it and I highly recommend everyone doing it.

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