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Is it worth to upgrade to MacOS 11 Big Sur?

saifuddinss profile image Saifuddin Slatewala Originally published at on ・1 min read

One of the big questions in the mac community is that should I upgrade to mac os 11 Big Sur? The biggest fear was about the current status of Mac os Catalina which has many issues and bugs.

So what made me jump for the beta was a basic problem I was facing. As we all are using more and more things on the web, the most important app for any of us now is the browser.

So what got me interested was the promise of the better battery life and claim of 50% faster website load times by using the safari browser available with Big Sur.

So I took the risk and upgraded to a beta version of Big Sur. And I am glad to inform you that it works right out of the box. The new look and feel are debatable, but I don’t mind the new look. The best part is it is snappy and it has converted my old mac 2017 to a new mac. There are hardly any bugs and the system is stable and fast. Safari browser has also not disappointed me. It is fast and optimizes to take less processing power and battery power. I am happy that I took the risk and really enjoying the new OS and if you can you should upgrade it too. Let me know your suggestions

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