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The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

haThe Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor is a easy to read book. Shawn delves upon advantages and need to be happy and how to achive a positive state of mind. He emphasises that happiness is a skill you can develop, and gives readers practical advice on small things they can do to get their brains more tuned in to being happy.

This book has 7 principle:

1. The happiness advantage – the way we can retrain our brains to maximize positivity and provide our the biological advantage needed to optimize our productivity and performance.

2. The fulcrum and the lever – the way we can adjust our mindset (fulcrum) to be able to have the power (lever) to be more fulfilled and successful.

3. The tetris effect – the principle by which we retrain our brains to spot patterns of possibility and opportunity, instead of getting stuck in spotting patterns that focus on negativity.

4. Falling up – how we can not only get ourselves up after failure or suffering, but also become happier and more successful in spite–and because–of the fall.

5. The Zorro circle – the principle by which we can regain control when feeling overwhelmed by focusing on small and manageable goals, and gradually expanding the circle to achieve increasingly bigger ones.

6. The 20 second rule – how we can decrease the “activation energy” of forming new (and healthier) habits by rerouting the path of least resistance.

7. Social investment – the principle by which we can invest more in our social networks, which are one of the greatest predictors of happiness and success.

You can easily complete reading this book in max 5 days. Happily recommended :-). Check out the book by click here.

For a quite introduction check out video below:

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