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Use Microsoft SQL from the command line

saifuddinss profile image Saifuddin Slatewala Originally published at on ・1 min read

mssql-cli is an interactive command-line query tool for SQL Server. This open source tool works cross-platform and proud to be a part of the dbcli community. mssql-cli supports a rich interactive command line experience, with features such as:

  • Auto-completion : fewer keystrokes needed to complete complicated queries.
  • Syntax highlighting : highlights T-SQL keywords.
  • Query history : easily complete an auto-suggested query that was previously executed.
  • Configuration file support : customize the mssql-cli experience for your needs.
  • Multi-line queries : execute multiple queries at once using the multi-line edit mode.
  • Non-interactive support : execute a query without jumping into the interactive experience.

Install mssql-cli Platform-specific installation instructions are below:

Windows (preview) macOS Linux

Visit the installation reference guide to view all supported releases and downloads. Try out and let me know.

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