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Why I started wearing a watch again

saifuddinss profile image Saifuddin Slatewala ・1 min read

After the invention and commoditization of Mobile phones, I had stopped wearing a watch. I also mock watch as just a dual function device (Which can display Date and Time). I didn't feel the need to wear a watch as all these things and much more was already incorporated by just one device, Your beloved Mobile Phone.

But after the transformation of mobile phones to Smart Phones I have started releasing the worth of watch again. Don't get me wrong Smart Phones is a multiple purpose device which has helped us a lot, from finding what to eat to how to reach/order what you want to eat. But Smart Phone is also a propellant device of distraction. Many times I have realised that I had just peeked the phone to check the time but was involved with it for more than 30 mins and lost track of what I was supposed to do.

To reclaim my focus, attention and time back I have started using a Watch (which I made sure is not a smartwatch). This has helped me reduce stress and distraction.

I hope this strategy helps you too to get on track. Also do let me know if you have any tips to reduce distraction in the comments below.

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