How I built an Advanced Gatsbyjs site

Sai gowtham on September 03, 2018

In last month i build a test site using Gatsby where i loved the site loading speed and its plugin ecosystem. After that, i build an advanced si... [Read Full]
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I know nothing's meant by it, but could you change this:

so we need to build a site not only for people who are perfect but we need to think of the people with disabilities.

If anything can be said with certainty is that no one is perfect!

I can't express it in words how much I believe that's a typo but please lets change it.

You're site looks amazing and you are amazing for making it accessible to everyone.


Really cool site. As someone else who uses Gatsby, it’s great to see what other people build with it. I did notice that on mobile, the Github logo in the navbar is sitting on top of the JavaScript item.

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