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Sai gowtham on September 29, 2018

First, let me share something about me i was started writing from Apr 5, 2018, in and Medium so far i have gained 6,000 followers in dev.t... [Read Full]
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I don't think I could do blogging that way. I guess there are very different approaches to writing.
For my texts I strive towards perfection. Not that I'll ever reach it but editing, reviewing and rewriting is the most important and also biggest part when I create a blog article.
I don't think that daily approach would satisfy me.


You've been doing amazing things Sai! Your contributions to the community are wonderful.


Thank you what writing!

Is follower number is public info at Saw it only at dashboard.


Additionally, I gave you both view count analytics access, which will be generally available pretty soon. Should be available in your dashboard, let me know if there are any issues.


By the way with regards to:

At the time of i started writing my grammar is not good but i never think of that because any skill we want to learn can take time.

Have you tried Grammarly? I use it myself and I have found it super valuable.


Thank you for posting. I agree with your overall message; however, I wouldn’t discount the importance of grammar. Like software languages, natural languages have rules and structure to aid in successful interpretation. Whether you’re writing code or writing an article, if it’s full of errors then it won’t compute. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with a little code smell here and there.

What if we applied good coding practices to natural language writing? Such as:

  • Use a purpose built natural language editor such as MS Word or Google Docs.
  • Have someone code review or proofread before going public.
  • Pair programming with someone at a higher level will increase quality.
  • Have an open mind and be acceptable of constructive criticism.
  • Keep learning, keep practicing and don’t give up.

P.S. My comment is in response to the content of this post and not its grammar. Thanks again!


That's why I'm trying to do.

One year ago I decided start writing in English (my native language is Spanish).

This task force me to learn and be more fluent on my words.

But if you write... then you also be available to get feed back. For my is an important thing because can grow my skills.

Keep writing my friend!


What's holding me back is the English grammar. Any good resources to enhance English grammar?


Just like my role model once said:
"Just keep swimming,
Just keep swimming,
Just keep swimming swimming swimming,
What do we do we swim swim swim"


“You can’t be an important and life-changing presence to some people without also being a joke and an embarrassment to others.”

This quote is from Mark Manson, in case you want to give credit.


It's ok to make mistakes without making mistakes we can't grow so don't stop writing if someone criticizes you.


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