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018: Spring '20 Base Components with Greg Rewis

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Today we are talking about what’s new in Spring ‘20 Base Components. Greg Rewis, Director of Product Management for Lightning Components is no stranger to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  He joins me today to share some of the latest additions to the Base Component Library, including the ability to develop locally with Salesforce DX. He also shares his take on what it means to make Base Components open source. Spring ‘20 is shaping up to see a huge shift and new frontier for development. 


Show Highlights:

  • Why the Component Library is your one-stop-shop for development
  • The Component Playground as a resource and tool for finding and reproducing bugs
  • The introduction of the local development extension 
  • Open-sourcing of base components: what it takes to go through an official Lightning Base Component and making it open source



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