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019: Salesforce Military with Alex Sutherland

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Salesforce is committed to upskilling the military community with high demand technology skills and providing our partners with a diverse and trained talent pipeline. Today, Alex Sutherland, Air Force Veteran and Salesforce Practice Director at Liberty IT Solutions joins us. Together we talk about some of his time with Salesforce, experiences with the military, and the intersection of the two worlds. 


Show Highlights:

  • Hear how Alex got his start as an IT Professional and about his first introduction to Salesforce
  • Alex’s enlistment into the Air Force at 17, going overseas, supporting contingency operations, and learning the limits of Ethernet cables
  • Getting reacquainted with Salesforce following his military duty and discovering the intersections with the Salesforce ecosystem and being overseas 
  • Supporting veterans in the exploration of opportunities in the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Salesforce Military’s partnership with Hiring Our Heroes 
  • The launch of the Philadelphia User Group



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