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021: 100 Days Of Trailhead With Rachel Watson

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Today we are talking about 100 Days of Trailhead and 100 Days of Apps with its co-founder Rachel Watson, a Technical Architecture Delivery Associate Manager with Accenture. 100 Days of Trailhead challenges developers within the Salesforce community to code for 100 days straight. Participants can choose to focus on any tracks available and for 2020 the tracks are learning, app building, automation, and hybrid.  Rachel and I go into some detail into the 100 Days of App Building and how you can get involved. We discuss how the initiative got started and how Rachel, along with her co-founders, turned the idea into a reality. 


Show Highlights:

  • The story behind how Rachel got involved both in Salesforce development and the Salesforce ecosystem
  • How Rachel along with co-founder Jessica Murphy started 100 Days of Trailhead
  • Why accountability, coding, and community lead to 100 Days’ success
  • Why Rachel and Jessica made the transition from 100 Days of Code for Salesforce Developers to 100 Days of Trailhead
  • A reminder that if you are jumping into the initiative a little late, do it! The goal is to become better professionally, whether you participate for one day, ten, or one-hundred. 



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100 Days of Trailhead

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