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022: Trailhead Superbadges with Matheus Gonçalves

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Today we are discussing Trailhead Superbadges with Technical Credential Developer at Salesforce, Matheus Gonçalves. He began his career as a Java developer and one fateful day at work, and he was ‘voluntold’ to learn Salesforce. Not long after he found and loved Trailhead, and now he gets to work on the creation of Superbadges.  We talk about how Superbadges fit into the overall credentialing ecosystem and how you can leverage them to power up your career.


Show Highlights:

  • Matheus’ introduction to Salesforce and later Trailhead
  • Breaking down Trailhead: Projects, Trails, and Superbadges
  • How Matheus and his team create Superbadges
  • Superbadges test your real-world usage of your Salesforce skills
  • Compared to units or projects, Superbadges operate on a whole different level
  • Challenge checking Superbadges
  • The link between Trailhead, Superbadges, and Web Assessors 
  • Matheus’ own podcasts, including the Toadcast



Matheus' website

Matheus on Twitter

Matheus on Github

Matheus on LinkedIn

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