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023: Web Component Development with David Norris

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Today, I sit down and talk with David Norris, Solution Engineer for Salesforce, about web component development. We specifically discuss his experiences in building a complex and highly visible lightning web component in the form of a timeline that renders a visualization for related data like events, tasks, and opportunities. In this episode, we break down the component creation process, from conceptualization to release.

Show Highlights:

  • David’s conceptualization of component development 
  • Going from the ideation phase into the actual design phase
  • David’s philosophy on user-centered design: “If you have access to people that do user-centered design for a living, you should use them.”
  • By designing on paper first, you can iterate much faster.
  • Some of the tools David found useful during the design and mock-up phases
  • His experience incorporating a third-party library into a web component
  • The testing and replication process



David on Twitter

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David on Trailblazer.me

Timeline Component Repo

Blog Post on Ideation

Blog Post on Design

Blog Post on Scaling

Blog Post on using D3.js




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