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024: Developer to Architect with Bhavana Singh

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Today, Bhavana Singh, Solution Architect and the founder of Three Moons Consulting, joins me to discuss her technical career. Her journey began with one of the coolest titles ever, Payload Commander for NASA. Bhavana has nine Salesforce certifications and was the first recipient of the coveted developer Golden Hoodie award. During our time together, she described how she became a developer and why she made the jump to Solution Architect. 


Show Highlights: 

  • Bhavana recollected on her time at NASA, working in a satellite control center
  • What it has been like for her to move from one programming language to another or from one framework to another
  • How she went from Java to being introduced to Salesforce
  • Seeing things as a developer and how as an architect she can step out of the project and see the bigger picture
  • Some of the common pitfalls unique to Salesforce itself
  • How she transitioned to working for herself and what she means when she says you need to invest in yourself
  • Bhavana’s experience as the first developer Golden Hoodie recipient
  • How she got involved in RAD (Radical Apex Developers) women and some of the work she does as a coach for the group



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